Services Provided


Bereavement is the time of mourning that we all experience following a loss. The hospice care team works with the surviving family members to help them with the grieving process. Support may include a trained volunteer or counselor visiting the family at specific periods during the first year, or phone calls and/or letter contact and the opportunity for family members to participate in support groups. 

Nursing care services

Registered nurses coordinates care for every patient, provide direct patient care, monitor medications and check symptoms. The nurse maintains communication with the physician as the patient's condition and treatment changes warrants. 

Home Health Aide Services

Certified Nurses Aides provide personal care for the patient, such as bathing, shampooing, and shaving. Certified Nurse Aides also provide valuable feedback to the Team regarding their observation and the patient's needs. 

Medical Social services

The social worker evaluates the family dynamics and acts as an advocate for the patient and family in making use of community resources. The social worker also provides advice and counseling to the patient and family members during the crisis period while providing feedback to the hospice team on recommended changes. 

Physician Services

The patient's physician approves the plan of care and works closely with the hospice team. A hospice medical director is available to the attending physician, the patient, and the hospice care team as a consultant and a resource.